Sunday, 6 November 2011

Remembrance Sunday...

Sorry I've not updated recently but work has been very busy of late, but Sunday night seemed like a great time to update.

The date November 11th is one etched into every Britons mind, as we remember our fallen heroes. What better way to remember than to support The Royal British Legion by wearing your poppy with pride. The charity does amazing work, supporting the whole of the Armed forces Family.

It is so easy to support them, just pin a poppy to your chest. It makes me angry when I hear of all the companies that have banned their staff from showing their support for this cause.

I always make sure I wear my poppy with pride each year, until of course it falls off as they quite often do. So this year I decided to remedy the situation by making my own brooch version that would stay on no matter what. Sorry that the photograph is a little blurry (my camera is playing up!), but next year I aim to get in touch with the charity and donate some of these, or sell them with all proceeds going to the charity. Don't worry, I myself have made a generous donation to The Royal British Legion and will continue to do the same each year.

Why not make one yourself online if you haven't already...

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