Saturday, 26 November 2011

Having SEW much fun!

Sorry its been a while folks, things are really taking off!

When I first started sewing stuff, I thought it would be a nice little hobby for me, I never had any idea how popular my items would be, with a full time job as well it's pretty frightening seeing my order book filling up, but mostly very exciting!

I originally just though the whole idea of this would be me sewing stuff, but when a friend asked me if I would be happy to show her how to sew it sparked a whole new angle to my hobby!

I asked my facebook group who would be interested in paying a small fee to come sew with me, four people opted in (just the right size for my house), so we had a little session on Thursday of this week making some of my Christmas decorations. I usually make my items by machine, however, this has its obvious limitations within a group, and lets be honest, my house is not my classroom!

So I put together a little goodie bag for each of my guests, containing the patterns and fabrics for a christmas heart, christmas tree and my lovely christmas robin. I also allowed them free access to my button box... crazy I know!

So with our materials ready, a fresh pot of tea and biscuits and mince pies (thanks Jules and Amy) we got into the christmas spirit and started to sew. 

First thing we had to do was cut out our pattern pieces... 

Jules cuts stuff

Once we had done this we could then cut out our little felt shapes, we started with the hearts as I felt this would be easiest, so 2 squares or red felt pinned together and with a white blanket stitch the two sides became one (did you get the retro christmas number one pun there!) 

Finish with some light stuffing, a star shaped button, a piece of gingham ribbon and voila! 
(Apparently the star at a jaunty angle is the way to do it!)

Charlotte and Amy sew stuff

Next item on the agenda was the robin by popular request, so we cut out our little red breasts and armed ourselves with 2 tiny black buttons and a length of yarn we got ready to make him! Using a small whip stitch with standard thread we attached his breast, before assembling the two sides together...

Katie sews stuff

3 hours later we each had 2 christmas decorations (well not me I was busy making sure my guests did) and we were all very pleased with the results, unfortunately we ran out of time to make the tree, but my guests were able to take away their bag of goodies and the skills to make them, and hopefully they will post the finished items on the group wall.

Charlotte, Jules, Amy & Katie sew stuff

Can't wait to see your trees when they are finished ladies, and I would like to take this opportunity to say well done on such a fab job, and also a huge thank you to my lovely guests for letting me make this happen, and for allowing me to photograph you through out and use these photographs here. It was a great night and I can't wait until we all get together again! 

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