Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to make a birthday badge for a special little person...

So here it is, my first tutorial, inspired by my beautiful little niece's 4th birthday party... 

Please excuse the poor photography, my camera isn't the best just like my photography skills!

Materials needed: 

3 pieces of felt in 2/3 different colours
Thread to match
Embroidery thread to contrast
Fabric Scissors
Badge clasp
Stuffing (not pictured)
Paper and pencil to make templates

Time: approximately 2-3 hours

Create paper templates to draw around, I tend to draw my own, but if you aren't a confident drawer you could always print the numbers from a word processing programme or the internet, the same goes for the flower shape, although yours doesn't necessarily have to be a flower. 
You will need to cut 2 of the back piece. 

1. Once you have cut all of your shapes out, you can start stitching, using a standard thread (or embroidery if you prefer) attach you number to the first circle of felt with a light whip stitch, (going from side to side) trying to keep all stitches the same size.

2. Repeat stage 1, attaching your circle of felt to the back panel, again using the same stitch. 

3. On the untouched panel that will be at the back of the brooch, stitch your brooch clasp on securely. 

4. You are now ready to sew your 2 panels together. Making sure the number and the clasp are both facing outwards, use a blanket stitch to fasten both pieces together. 

5. Before you finish sewing all the way around, leave a space to insert a small amount of stuffing into the badge, not too much though, just enough to give it a little character!

'the end'

Now you are ready to give your little person a badge to wear on their special day! 

Have fun making this one folks, I know I did! :D

Just remember though, watch out for any pattern stealing bunnies that might be watching!

Please free to leave a comment, I'd love to know what you think! 

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  1. This cute, I am going to try this. Only not for a girl and not for a birthday. :)