Saturday, 10 March 2012

Liebster Blog award

Well, I received a rather lovely tweet on Thursday from Hannah @Made_By_Hannah, of, a generally crafty individual, who also likes taking a needle to fabric, telling me that she had awarded me the Liebster blog award...

...what on Earth is that you may well ask, I know I did... 

It is awarded to blogs with less than 200 followers, by those who have just been nominated, I suppose it works a little like a chain letter, 'a chain blog' if you will, but what a fantastic way to help support fellow bloggers raise their profile, so it is now my given duty to pass this on... 

The blogs I have nominated after a good deal of thought are... 

A very talented knitter, scribbler, creator type... her blog has been quiet for a while, but is full of fabulous ideas and shows off her wonderful talents. (also, shh... but I know she is currently developing a whole new blog and I have no doubt she will direct you there through this blog) 

A crafter who seems to live in lots of cool places and has the BEST ideas... 
quite frankly I'm a little jealous!

Another illustrative type from the Midlands like me, she has a great blog, full of cute drawings and things that make me very jealous, as well as lots of very cool paper toys!

Yes I am jealous of the banner on this blog... I want it... I am also loving the cool ideas for crochet on here, it also helps as my new years resolution is to learn to crochet... lets see if I manage it! 
I am still amazed by the fact she has less than 200 followers! 

Not a crafty type this time, although a textiles teacher like me, I was fortunate enough to stumble across Amy who is going to be our wedding photographer come June this year, I love her work, and whilst I have no idea how many followers she has, it's a fairly recent blog so I'm going to hope I can do this. She takes lovely photos, and yes there are some on there of me and my other half... I'm not sure I should have admitted that one!! 

Until next time folks, have fun exploring these lovely folks blogs! 


  1. I graciously accept this award! Thank you for nominating me. Now I will have to decide who to nominate. It's a great way to help new bloggers raise their profile and get more followers :)

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! What a great idea! :)