Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Mothers Day Project, Marshmallow Biscuit Hats!

So I know this is technically a sewing blog, but, I was having a flashback to my youth t'other day and remembered making these for my Mum at Sunday School. Come to think of it, we might have made them as Easter Bonnets... either way, perfect for this time of year, why not have a go during the school holidays!

I loved making them and thought it would be a great little project for little folk, I have none of my own, so clearly I am just a big kid, but Dad's take note! (I'm hoping that my Mum and Grandma will appreciate the nostalgia trip as much I as I have!)

Best of all, they are SUPER easy...

Things you will need:

  • Packet of Ready to roll icing
  • Rich tea biscuits (Digestives and Ginger Snaps, or other Mum's favourites work just as well, as long as there isn't a hole in the middle)
  • Marshmallows
  • Jam, or some other suitable edible glue type stuff (e.g. Nutella/butter cream)
  • Things to decorate, I used writing icing pens and things from my cupboard, sugar flowers and things like that work really well, or what about favourite sweets like dolly mixtures

How to make them:

1. Roll out your ready roll icing until its nice and even (don't go too thin though, else it will tear, especially if little hands are making them) cut out a circles that are a bit bigger than your biscuits...

2. Spread your jam over the biscuit top and place your marshmallow in the centre...

3. Place the icing over the biscuit and press down firmly until the shape of a hat has been made, take care not to tear it here, you can then trim any excess icing from around the edges...

4. Using the icing pens, decorate accordingly... (I would like to say I have decorated them to make it look like little hands had made them, but realistically I'm just not that good with icing pens, too gooey!)

5. Give them away... (Maybe make one or two yourself whilst you're at it!)

Hope you enjoy!

I would love to know if you'll be having a go at these, please leave a comment...

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