Saturday, 31 December 2011

Cross Stitching for the first time in years...

So the really rubbish thing about having flu over Christmas, you are stuck to the sofa and miss out on catching up with family and friends, especially those who are only in town for a few days.

Good things however, getting those mock papers marked, watching lots of films you're never able to make time for and doing a little crafting...

Whilst at the Clothes Show this year I got the chance to re-aquaint myself with cross stitch at the Mollie Makes stand, where I made this cute little button badge, something I used to really enjoy but haven't had chance to do since I was about 11...

I bought the issue of Mollie Makes from the stand... well, it's Mollie Makes isn't it, has to be done, but also it had a cute little cross-stitch project that came with it for FREE!

My little Royal Guard, affectionately known as 'little man'

I was planning on photographing the progress thoughout, but in my flu induced state I forgot, so here he is all finished, and I FINALLY mastered the french knot at last - HURRAH!
(It has only taken me 11 years and actually now I am ashamed as its really quite easy, thank you you tube!)

 So once he was finished, all there was left to do was stick him in the cute felt frame that was supplied! I think he will live in my classroom as of Monday!

However as my next project I think I might get a large sheet of aida and cross stitch a few in really funky colours to go somewhere in the house, yet another project for what seems to be a never ending list!

Also, I'm sure you've guessed by now as a result of the photos, I'm on Instagram, so please, if you find me, follow me!

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  1. Lovely blog post. Love the cross stitch. I used to do loads of cross stitch and have loads of embroidery cottons in an organiser etc. but I prefer crochet now!