Monday, 23 July 2012

Some good old kid style finger knitting...

Summer has finally arrived so it seems quite strange that I would be making a scarf, especially as knitting is something I've never gotten the hang of!

However, I recently spotted this finger knitting kit by 'pinkyknits' in my local Hobbycraft and can never resist a bargain!

So the second I got home I was off... The tagline said "minutes", that would never be the case with me, more like days I thought!

But once I'd figured out how to cast on (the doodled instructions on the side were pretty easy to follow), I soon realised I wouldn't be able to stop so worked quickly, maybe 2 hours later, I was ready to cast off...

...I have big knuckles and funny shaped fingers, so the tensions a lot uneven, but it won't take anything away from my joy at managing to knit something!! Even if it's something a 5 year old can do!

But then it was time to get back into my comfort zone, sewing the 'noodles' together, first along the length and then the end...

And TA-DAH! 
A coil twist scarf!! (Apparently) 

I know my scarf won't win any beauty awards! I'm aware of how crude the knitting and joining is, and I know there are many flaws with the tension, I blame most of this on the fact that I made it up as I wen't along, but that's how I learn best, so heres hoping next time I try something like this it will look a lot neater... 

But for now, I'm pretty pleased, after all I've always said I cant knit! 
I would love any tips though on how I can make it a little prettier!