Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween...

As I say on my facebook page. "I love a challenge". Well this project certainly was and happy to rise to the challenge I created this lovely felt zombie brooch for an order, I say lovely.... but he's still a zombie, albeit a cute one! (some may compare him to a half dead sesame street character)

After some careful planning I felt wool guts and bones would help add to the 'un-dead' look he is sporting so well, the pink felt I had made him look far too human so I had him carry a fleshy pink hand, an afternoon snack, shall we say, and opted for green, helping fuel the sesame street image further! I wanted a broken twisted leg and careful consideration led me to this final conclusion, wool, it keeps the leg loose, white for bone, red for blood a muscle! Ew gross! Another sentence I never thought I'd utter, I enjoyed embroidering the brains! The piece de resistance, in my opinion however, really is the red wool to re-create his guts spilling all over the place.

A bit different than my usual kids cushions huh?

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