Saturday, 24 December 2011

Terrence and Watermelon...

One of the first requests I received was for 2 of my dinosaurs, they have been named Terrence and Watermelon by their two lovely owners. (who I hope don't mind me stealing their photos to use on the blog)

Anyway, in the spirit of Christmas I thought I would pop a couple of their adventures on my blog, although, I must say I am enjoying following their continued adventures via facebook!

Everyone knows it is Christmas time when they see the Coca-Cola advert for the first time, including Terrence!

Watermelon seems to have confused herself with a Christmas Decoration here, that or it must be a really good vantage point for something!

Terrence having a little snack...

Watermelon is clearly more talented than I ever anticipated! 

I love these images, every time I see a new one I smile, I'm glad they have gone to such good homes, and I hope the adventures continue!

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