Monday, 9 July 2012

Keep Calm and Cross Stitch...

The hardest thing about being a creative with creative friends is when it comes to present giving. Not because they're hard to buy for, but because they always give lovely handmade gifts, to which I cannot possibly respond with something from a store; no matter how well intentioned.

For this reason I store every idea for when it is most needed. So when I received this free chart from 'Cross Stitcher' magazine at the clothes show (incidentally the same moment I rediscovered the craft with my little cross stitch guard) I knew I was saving it for a gift, and I knew who for...

So I used the pattern for the crown, although I needed to make mine smaller so edited it a little. I also missed out the backstitch.

I then, in my mission to shrink it down, made the words up as I went along, shrinking each letter...

Whilst I recorded the process on instagram, I was mildly tempted to take one followers advice to 
"Leave it. The suspense will infuriate OCDists"
But, it IS a present... so I couldn't, however I do intend to bank that idea for later! 

It was indeed a gift for a bride to be... 

...Once framed, the perfect keepsake of her special day! 

I love being a creative type. 

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Incredibly, there are lots of photos of me sewing stuff, as well as having some fun!!