Monday, 16 July 2012

Making vs Mollie Makes

Trying to keep up with a full time job and craft blogging is hard work, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it with practise...

I thought I'd do a little blog post today about my two favourite crafty magazines inspired by conversations with a few friends. Recently I just can't seem to decide which one I prefer, and most importantly which one to get myself a subscription too!

I can't sustain this whole 2 magazines a month trend I'm currently indulging...

So, contender number one...


With do-able projects which encompass a wide range of skills and a host of issues which have included, 'Retro', 'Scandi' and 'Festival' (my 3 favourite words when considering design), whats not to love? Lots of fun sewing patterns each time and a whole host of recommended suppliers who've served me well... 

Photo stolen from, and in doing that image search 
I found another fab blog to explore, I hope she doesn't mind!! 
Thanks again Making! (Albeit indirectly)

That was until this newcomer snuck into my life at the Clothes Show Live back in December, contender number 2...

Mollie Makes.

Oh my, Mollie Makes, with your vintage styling, heavy weight paper, and beautiful monthly free gifts... well I have to admit, it's tempting... I'm not always won over by their projects, but when I am, they really are amazing... Also, I got me a free Belle and Boo needle case with the above issue, now that IS a surefire way to my heart!! 

As for my subscription... Well, the jury's still out... 

I'd love to hear your thoughts?


  1. Tough decision - I love them both too! If I had to choose a subscription I reckon I would go for Making mag - there is more in there I would make. Then Mollie Makes as a treat every now & again. You could always look at digital copies - no free gift & not quite the same but cheaper!

  2. Although I haven't brought Making yet so can't really give my opinion I do buy Mollie Makes each month. I love their freebies and have found so many fantastic crafters and material suppliers through their articles and adverts. I'm definitely going to check Making out though - as a novice sewer a lot of the projects in Mollie Makes are far to complex for me.


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